Service Information


Volkswagen Service Information

Anyone can offer service.
Often enough, however, you will only find out later whether you got real value for your money. When you come to your Volkswagen dealer, you can be certain that what you get is always Genuine Volkswagen quality – and a range of service options that couldn’t be greater.

That range includes everything from Vehicle Safety Check to LongLife Mobility Guarantee. Whatever your service needs, you can rest assured that your Volkswagen car will be in good hands.


Express Service
Nothing is impossible. Only miracles take a little longer.
The Express Service focuses on quickly completed routine operations, done with high-quality that takes no more than 60 minutes.


Vehicle Safety Check
“Just to make sure.”
Boring saying, but that’s what it is: Secure.
For a nominal price, we shall check your Volkswagen item by item to make sure that everything is safe and in perfect working oder, and we shall confirm this in black and white with a Quality Certificate.


Emergency Service
If your car is in deep water.
Whatever problem you have with your vehicle, we shall look after everything you need, right through to the mobile Emergency Service.


Pick-up and Delivery Service
As simple as ordering pizza – Just the way you like it.
Book the Pick-Up and Delivery Service when you make the Service appointment.
Just tell us how you want it.


Air Conditioning System
Too hot? Too cold? We can make it just right.
A car’s air conditioning system needs to be serviced at regular intervals in order to ensure that is works properly and achieves the desired effect.


Oil Service
We know which oil is right for your car, and we will perform the oil change in accordance with Volkswagen specifications.


Tyre Service
Tyre Service. So good that it’s guaranteed. At your Volkswagen Dealer, you are assured that you will get the right tyres for your model. The Tyre Service also means: immediate fitting.


Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Accessories
A certified Volkswagen Genuine Part® or Accessories. They offer uncompromising safety and stand for optimum functionality and precisions fitting, for durability and value retention. Guaranteed.


Volkswagen Exchange Parts
Low Prices: Genuine Exchange Parts are up to 50% less expensive than the corresponding new parts, while the same quality requirements as production parts and are always in perfect technical condition.